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Company Profile

Industrial troubleshooting specialist 

Affordable multiphysics services: CFD, FEM, DES, CPS and more

Risk-free predictive simulation approach with rapid results

Lean, flexible and efficient, with a mind for practical solutions

More than 20 years of experience

Broad client base within small & medium-sized enterprises

Project portfolio

Abbott Laboratories Germany

Preliminary study of the management system of a production line for a new pharmaceutical by Renque simulation


Oxygen depletion and flow distribution optimization in a baking furnace for high-grade carbon blocks used as anode in aluminium manufacturing

ARN waste incineration power plant

Flow distribution optimization in an electostatic filter for flue gas treatment  ✦  Performance of a steam fire extinguishing system for a turbine room  ✦  Venturi design and absorption modelling for injection of an oxidizing agent into a flue gas stream

AVI Amsterdam

Prevention of dispersion of dust particles during normal operation ✦ Improvement of air ventilation in the boiler house

KPN-Orange Belgium

Compilation of Renque discrete event simulation model for the sales department of a telecommunications operator 

Bavaria breweries

Optimization of air flow distribution through germination floors ✦ Analysis of the mixing process in a mash tun

Carbon Furnaces Technologies

Optimization of the wall brick arrangement for a baking furnace 

Dahlman filtration solutions

Ventilation system design for brasquage trays  ✦  Parametric CFD-model for  a cyclone separator

Akzo Diosynth biotechnology

Renque simulation of shared resource utilization for the production of a new pharmaceutical

Feyecon CO2 technology

Particle tracing study for a supercritical textile dyeing machine

Holland malt

Optimization of air flow distribution through germination floors ✦  Promotion of the mixing of air streams in a malt house

Hydrabaths Europe

Air injection system design for a whirlpool bath

Royal IHC integrated marine solutions

Effect of impeller geometry on the characteristic curve of a dredging pump ✦ Circulation of lubrication oil in an underwater electric motor  ✦  Optimization of the internal hydrodynamics of a dredging suction head and various transfer line ducts ✦ Improvement of the sea-chest design for box coolers ✦ Performance analysis of marine exhaust gas boilers

IPT research center São Paulo

Introduction of CFD-simulation in a training program for students and staff members 

Johnson Controls Systems & Service B.V.

Ejector design for vapor return in a refrigeration system

Kemira Agro

Development of a patented process for submerged injection crystallization

OCI ammonia terminal Europoort

Fire-induced boil-off rate prediction for a refrigerated ammonia storage tank

Merno insurances

Front and back office call center efficiency analysis by Renque discrete event simulation

Proton Ventures

Flowsheeting for NFUEL® decentralized ammonia production ✦ Water screen simulation study for ammonia rail car loading stations ✦ Vapor injector design for a denox installation ✦ Hydraulic shock analysis by AFT Impulse for liquid product transfer lines ✦ Management of EU Horizon2020 research program participations ✦ Basic engineering support for large-scale plant design

Robot pumps

Dynamic flow simulation for a Svedala heavy duty slurry pump

Stork Food & Dairy Systems

Design of the spout element of a milk bottling machine

SNB sewage sludge treatment

Flow distribution at the inlet plenum of a steam condenser

Trespa International

Wet particle injector design for a flash cyclone

Twence energy and resources

Prevention of dispersion of dust particles by transit of personnel and goods

VAF Instruments

Analysis of the internal flow properties of a marine fuel viscometer

Volharding shipyards

Performance enhancement of an engine oil cooler

Waternet Amsterdam

Hydrodynamics of a fluidized bed rector for tap water softening

Witteveen en Bos engineering

Prediction of the effect of sound barriers on traffic emissions at the Coentunnel highway trajectory