RND Technology Consultants conduct technological studies for the industry. The company excels in the application of numerical modeling techniques to solve design, debottlenecking and optimization problems in industrial production and related areas.

The experience of RND stretches across various sectors, with a concentration of activities in chemical process technology. With its expertise, RND offers excellent partnership to identify the cause of complications in practical operations, and map out a route towards resolution. 


The RND modeling approach has three distinct advantages:

  • Operational activities are left undisturbed.
  • Performance can be predicted.
  • Simulation is more cost effective than experimentation.


The engineers of RND have extensive skills in a variety of fields, including computational fluid dynamics, steady-state and dynamic process simulation, fundamental analysis of heat and mass transfer phenomena, and logical systems modeling by discrete event simulation.


Operating in a lean and flexible organization, RND works swiftly and efficiently, with a mind for practical solutions. We provide scientific services at regular engineering fees.